Local duo J. Bolin and Kim O. hosting fashion show February 28

Kim O., entrepreneur and fashion influencer, and celebrity stylist J. Bolin are partnering to host Feb. 28 fashion show.(Courtesy photo)

Kim O. has always dared to dream in style. The entrepreneur and fashion designer have a knack for sleek, superior design and a heart for women. As a survivor of domestic abuse, Kim Olusanya channels her fierce love and loyalty for women into her career as a designer and owner of businesses like Texas Bearings of Dallas, INC, Charter Hospitality, and Action with Compassion Dallas.

“I want to take you on a fabulous journey to healing,” Kim O. says. You are beautiful, and you can feel that way again.”

That passion for making women feel as beautiful as they are made her a natural partner for celebrity stylist Jason Bolin, aka J. Bolin, who has recently worked with Tyra Banks, Kelly Rowland and a plethora of other notable clients.

Together, Kim O. and J. Bolin have curated “The Debut,” a women’s collection set for release on Friday, Feb. 28 in the form of a runway show at Sixty Five Hundred in Dallas. This collection merges Kim O.’s love of quality, custom fashion designs with her impassioned advocacy for women, and aims to allow every woman to experience fashionable and functional designs.

The duo started working together over three years ago. J. Bolin, who owns an online store, wanted to give his customers access to more affordable clothes. One day, after shooting with Kim O., Bolin noticed how Kim O. brought an “effortless style” to all of the clothes she wore.

“She brought so much life to everything,” Bolin says. “I tend to be averse to partnerships, but I knew we had to work together.”

“It was a divine connection,” Kim O. says. “I wanted to do something like [“The Debut”], but I knew I couldn’t do it alone.”

After teaming up, the designer and the stylist traveled across the world to meet with different designers and find who they wanted to bring their vision to life. At the heart of their journey was a simple question: “What do women value?” They enlisted a team of designers who could create the kinds of designs that you can wear multiple times, yet still feel fresh, fashionable and beautiful.

“What’s better than an effortless piece that is show-stopping wherever you go?” J. Bolin asks. The answer is obvious: Nothing.

“The Debut” will take place at Sixty Five Hundred located at 6500 Cedar Springs Rd., Suite 200 on Friday, Feb. 28 from 7 to 10 p.m. Catch the duo’s exclusive debut collection on the runway during a star-studded fashion show this spring.

Tickets to the event are $75 for General Admission and $200 for Front Row VIP Seating with red carpet access, a custom commemorative VIP lanyard, photo op with designers, and access to a private VIP area during the event. Tickets can be purchased online at www.koxjb.com.

A portion of proceeds from the event will benefit Action with Compassion.

At the star-studded fashion show, guests will have the opportunity to have a first look at the exclusive debut collection on the runway alongside a list of curated top designers from across the globe. 

More info and tickets here.